DivestOS repo vs F-Droid repo?

Which one you all reccomend apps from divest os repo or fdroid ? I am using divest os repo at the moment because of faster update , because of security issues. The apps i am using are mull and hypetia.

for mull it is better to use the divestos repo, but there is a problem with updates not being reported on time, so it would be better to enable unstable updates in the f-droid expert settings

Can you explain i unable to understand, i am using drodify

On the official client, the version of the official f-droid repo is always indicated as recommended, so that even enabling the divestos repo does not lead to an update. It may be that with other clients the problem does not occur but using only the official client I have no experience in this regard, if you have not noticed any problems I would say that you can safely use the divestos repo.

The Divest repo and F-Droid repo don’t share the same key, they can update each other.

I was asking to get suggestion . which repo i should use , but its seems i will use divest os

I was referring to the first point given here: Broken - DivestOS Mobile

Umm I don’t remember testing for that bug, but eg. With NewPipe I don’t see this

It’s seem to me an issue related only to the divestos repo, I’ve already opened a thread about that: Strange functioning of mull browser updates when the divestos repo is enabled and mull was installed from the official f-droid repo
The newpipe repo works as expected for me but the divesros one does not.

Which version should i use app from fdroid repo?

The opened thread is a little misleading (at that time I was using the f-droid repo). Anyway there’s some kind of conflicts beetween the reccomended version of mull in the repos: the f-droid version is always set as ecommended also when the app is installed from the dedicated repo.

Definitely use DivestOS repo. Always updates faster and sometimes the FDroid update build is delayed so it can take ages for FDroid repo to update Mull.

Thanks for info i faced that issue recently , the delay issue

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