DivestOS: long term device support with enhanced privacy and security

that happens every single update.
updates are uploaded to the primary sever, then synced to the secondary server.

as you can see, the update isn’t on the news page, because it isn’t/wasn’t ready yet.

Hi @SkewedZeppelin and everyone. I am trying to install DivestOS on Davinci. The phone is unlocked. I started by flashing with Mui V12.0.2.0.QFJMIXM as specified in android-info.txt from fastboot zip file, Enabled usb debugging and stayed logged into Mui. Followed the Divest Davinci/Xiaomi fastboot installation instructions precisely, had to force update fastboot because getvar command did not read and errored (although getvar all works). Fastboot update failed midway because product partition was not found, and I then manually flashed all fastboot items except for product. I tried ADB sideload copy partitions however this constantly fails throughout the script with permission denied statements when trying to create partitions. I did not proceed further.

I am literally stuck! I’ve assumed these errors/failures are something to do with dynamic partitions and therefore have been trying to find if davinci can boot into fastbootd in case the code works correctly from there. I have installed drivers OK and tried different android tools both early versions and late versions. (I’m currently using older ADB drivers 3.6…? and have not tried the very latest ones). When I try ‘fastboot reboot fastboot’ I dont think the phone proceeds into fastbootd, because the Divest splash screen appears at which point I shut down the phone because I have not completed the installation steps and am wary of bricking the phone.


thanks for creating DivestOS! I got here from kuketz-blog.de whose article convinced me to try to install DivestOS instead of LineageOS on a Pixel 5 (redfin) that I want to use…

Right now I’m checking the Prerequisites and have some information for updating that page:

  1. There’s a new version of platform-tools (r34.0.4), the listed commands could be updated.

  2. The Debian packages are now called “fastboot” and “adb”. The version on Debian Testing (Trixie) is up to date (34.0.4). In Debian Stable (Bookworm) there are backports packages available (fastboot, adb) that are almost up to date (33.0.3).

Maybe that information is useful for others.

Installing DivestOS on redfin… I’m unsure which firmware version of my stock rom I should have installed before installing latest DivestOS version (20.0-20240214). Right now I have Android 14 (UP1A.231105.001.B2) installed. Can I proceed with that version?


  • fastboot 34 has issues on some devices, please use 33.0.3 like recommended
  • the direct google one is preferred as the distro versions may be too old or the broken 34
  • it should be OK to go from 14 to 13, but since DivestOS doesn’t support 14 yet you may consider using another OS
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Good afternoon:

First of all thank you for your help and time.

I have a Oneplus 8t and wanted to put things without anything from Google like I did on my 6p.

And I wanted to try DivestOS Mobile. But I don’t know if on this system it could be installed:

Magisk or Adaway ( systemless hosts). And other apps like Afwall+ for example?¿?¿

Do you know if it will come out new version of DivestOS Mobile for this mobile like Lineageos with Lineageos 21?

A hug and thanks for your help

to install on kebab:

you can use magisk, but it is not supported: Faq - DivestOS Mobile

you do not need adaway or afwall, see this: Faq - DivestOS Mobile

DivestOS based on LineageOS 21 will likely be out March or April

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Good afternoon @SkewedZeppelin

Thank you very much for your help and time.

Also apologize for not being able to get back to you sooner. But I got disconnected by the forum. And then it was telling me that the website did not exist.

About Afwall+, I use the one from fdroid. On my Nexus 6p, to block any app from connecting without my permission. On the 6p I use root and lineageos. And I have activated the views that you tell me at https://divestos.org/pages/faq#networkControl

Divestos hosts I use it for a long time on my old 6p. I even suggested other possible hosts sources on Codeberg. Which is a wonderful host. I just use other sources to avoid stuff from Google, Mozilla, etc. Since I have a war against Google.

That’s why I told him to use Adaway. Although this one seems to be unsupported, since it has not been updated for some time.

Then all the applications I use are from Fdroid.

So I wanted to retire my 6p, and move to the Oneplus 8T and continue my fight for privacy, open source, and find Google, and others who want our data and so on.

Do you recommend me to put this version of Divestos or wait for the next one. What do you tell me that comes out in March? I say this because if it is easy to upgrade from one version to another.

I was telling you about Magisk. Because the applications I use: App Manager, Afwall+, Adaway asked for root. But you comment on Faq - DivestOS Mobile does not work on Divestos. If I use it will cause problems?

Best regards and thanks for your help


you can always upgrade between versions

and you can install DivestOS right now on your angler and kebab

if you want more hosts files you’ll have to use eg. adaway/rethink/personaldnsfilter


Good afternoon @SkewedZeppelin

Well if I can go through Divestos’ own ota updates. I get to work to put Divestos.

I take advantage of our conversation to make a suggestion, of a possible new font for the hosts. I mean:




A hug

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I’m very happy that your “Fundraiser Conclusion” reached the level you wanted :grinning:


Glad the fundraising was a success! :partying_face:
(Here’s hoping for an eventual FP5 build once LOS is available!)

Hi @SkewedZeppelin I have been using DOS for a while now, and everything seems to work well for my basic needs, so am hard pressed to find things that would improve the experience, but I have been trying to collate things that I think would make the project a bit better. I wonder if any of these are possible:

  1. Ability to uninstall F Droid, I use the basic version and don’t need the full fat one, but I have had to resort to disabling it.

  2. I use gadget bridge, is there a way to provide it some sort of weather provider, would that be something DOS has to do? I use an app “Clima” but GB has no way of talking to it or other apps.

  3. I sometimes visit a country which likes to block phones based on their IMEI number after a certain “free” usage time limit. Basically any new phone on the network they consider as “imported” even if its my personal phone and they want payment to “unlock” it. Would be really great to have a way of changing the IMEI, esp. in a privacy focused distribution like yours.

  4. Better default wallpapers, I think the android default ones are pretty bad for 13, would it be possible to get some libre community favourites and put them into the distro?


  1. basic is more of a testing ground, so I wouldn’t replace it. but you can adb uninstall any app or disable it like you did
  2. an app would have to directly support this
  3. there is no easy way to runtime change imei on production qualcomm/tensor devices
  4. I had previously replaced them, but it was tedious to resize all the images for the necessary resolutions