DivestOS: long term device support with enhanced privacy and security

Hello and Happy New year to you, too!

And to the people in the forum:
can you, please, consider dropping a mention of


to FUTO - Legendary Grants.

More about FUTO here.
In summary, they, who talk about controlling your own devices, seem like a fair bet.

Points of style:

  • share a link to the Divested Computing main page rather than the fundraiser page.
  • be concise
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I think Divested already tried with FUTO but nothing came out of it

What to say DivestOS may be a bit bad for not providing a WebUSB based installer, not everyone knows how to use adb you give it text tutorials and video tutorials and he may get it wrong, they are lazy and find installing rom too much of a hassle!
After all, grapheneos supports web install

In fact, my consideration for rom is to buy and plug in the “OTG USB 128G” OS to unlock the device and install the OS with the bootloader.
(SIGHS) After all, it’s not easy for developers to develop open source operating systems, so there’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit of money.

Imagine: In the future, Android devices have no built -in operating system: By inserting “OTG USB 128G” installation, people can freely choose any OS distribution version, In the developer mode, users can set the Bootloader UnLocking password.

@SkewedZeppelin Love your work, donated what I could!

Do you update the OpenEUICC app with each new DivestOS update ?
I’m having an issue with my eSIM which requires a feature only available on morr recent commits (confirmation code).

This is so good. Where is the list of devices that support this os? If it better than graphene os and does this support the google camera mods developed by other devs?

+1 op please look into this


that’s up to you, eg. no Play support here

should work yes


I want to add the new OpenEUICC version, but I need to do some testing with it first and the one-time use eSIMs I have make that difficult.
But I will try to do it this or next month.

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Hi @SkewedZeppelin I’ve been using DivestOS for about a month and I really like it. I have created an account on here though to report a small issue, not sure if you’d be able to fix it.

I don’t use Mull, but every time it is updated by F-Droid it automatically enables itself, so I have to go back and disable it. Is there a way this can be perm disabled? I don’t mind it updating behind the scenes but it should not enable itself.

Another small annoyance is Auto fill, I have it set to Proton Pass, but I don’t recall ever having it auto fill anything or offer to. I think one of protons own apps did it but apart from that nothing. I remember when I was on a different ROM (with google services) the auto fill would show up entries on top of the keyboard, like on the top row. Is that even possible on Divest OS?

Thirdly a couple of questions. Whenever DivestOS releases an update, there isn’t much in the change log, I assume all the lineage OS / AOSP changes are included for the whole month? My phone currently shows “Android Security Patches” as up to date and Vendor as somewhat out of date. How are the vendor ones updated?

I’m on Android 13

Many thanks.

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  • enable Mull, go to F-Droid, find Mull, disable all updates, then disable Mull again

    • basically any external update installed will re-enable a disabled app. f-droid should probably check if an app is disabled before updating it to fix this
  • auto fill, iirc this depends on the app. the system can delegate to a chosen password provider, but some apps don’t use it and prefer the google one instead

  • whatever date on the compile time, minus like 12 hours is when the lineage sources were checked out. so those changes + whatever changed in the dos repos

  • as for vendor, please read this: Patch Levels - DivestOS Mobile

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Hello there.
Last time I checked the project was developed by Tad.
Now the site says it was “maintained solely by Tavi since 2014”.
Shouldn’t it be addressed somewhere in the “news” or “about”? At first I thought there’s something wrong with my memory. Then I thought that developer changed. Now I think that probably something changed in developer.
But I’m still confused.


I find this picture somewhat threatening.
But I’ve got the meaning (definitely not the first explanation for this name that I thought of…).
Correct me if I’m wrong and this situation doesn’t need to be explained, because I still believe it should be mentioned somewhere, so people who came after learning about this project from Wikipedia, won’t be puzzled. Or for those who will see your FSF award.

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That’s a photo of a mongoose. I think he really likes them.

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@SkewedZeppelin Many thanks for your previous reply!

I have another question. The “Vendor” partiton? Is that the place where all the device specific drivers etc. are kept? I recall LOS used to say install the latest stock OS for your device then flash LOS afterwards, I think to make sure the Vendor is the latest. Is that still the advice given? Is it OK to go from a device running 17.1 LOS to 18.1 DOS without flashing the latest stock OS? If I got some hardware related issues such as the microphone noise cancellation not working is that because I did not flash the latest stock OS?

Thank you & congrats on the FSF award!

Both LineageOS (and DivestOS) assemble their own vendor partition, but the actual vendor blobs contained can vary.

The vendor partition is separate from the vendor firmware parititions. On some devices LineageOS and DivestOS bundle firmware with the updates, but not all.

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There’s an inconsistency with the servers as of now. There’s 2 servers that host the DivestOS website, and only one of them has the latest update (February 2024 ASB). This can cause issues where your device may show an update that the DivestOS website on your computer doesn’t show. To fix this (at least for now), simply set your DNS server (or modify your hosts file) to route the divestos.org A record to, which hosts the February 2024 ASB update.

Better report this to @SkewedZeppelin and let them handle it instead of listing random IPs…

Well, I mean, the DivestOS.org certificate allows that IP, that’s all I can say.

that happens every single update.
updates are uploaded to the primary sever, then synced to the secondary server.

as you can see, the update isn’t on the news page, because it isn’t/wasn’t ready yet.