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News - DivestOS Mobile “roster updates” not sure when will be live…

I have a Sony Xperia XA2.
When I run the September 8 update and reboot at the end, there is an endless loop. The XA2 boots up until SONY pops up and reboots. The lettering DIVESTOS does not appear anymore. After uncounted reboots DivestOS appears, but then it is the version from August 10.
What else can I do?

Full update from 800Mb+ file?

731 MB is specified

that means the update didn’t work and it reverted back to the other slot.

There weren’t many low level changes from last month that’d cause such an issue. Perhaps try again once more?

I pushed a 20.0 build, but Wi-Fi was broken and no one gave me logs so I dropped it for now.
17.1 is working albeit old.

I tried 3 times, no chance. Then I started the boot menu, did a reset and then started the update. Still no chance.

a wipe is never the solution.

I’ll note the breakage on the website and look further.

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Maybe, but if nothing else works, it can’t hurt either.
In the hope that you find a solution, thank you.

I’m having this weird bug in the battery stats and I know most of this anomaly was having my USB dongle (with earphones attached) plugged in and without playing any sound/video. It seems to have had more battery usage without the dongle but only a few more mins. Also had restrict usb until unlocked.

20-20230907-dos-redfin - This is what I’m using currently.

Yea, longterm AOSP bug, some system services don’t get grouped properly and show up as a nameless icon.

As an aside your battery looks better than fine.

Ahh, I thought it may be something like that but wasn’t 100% sure.

Anyways thanks & keep up the great work!

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Too bad, today the same as the last update.
There is always a boot loop, first the message “Please lock yout Bootlader” then the Sony logo on a white background. At some point after several runs DivestOS starts with the version from 10 August 2023.
I have installed the update several times. Is there anything else you can do?

I flashed the latest LineageOS version on an identical XA2, there were no problems.
It may only be due to the low-level changes from last month that would cause such a problem.


Thank you, but if I should change something with it now I must confess that I am not able to.
Then I just stay with the version of 19.07.2023.