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No, the Samsung goes sometimes further. For a very short moment I can see my start-screen and than it shuts down, sometimes two or even three times one after another.

That sounds like your battery is just low, leave it on the charger.

No, it is not the battary. I tried with adb sideload but not consequent and with real knowlidge what I’m doing. But anyway now DivestOS runs normal BUT the update from 16.04,23 failed again but not with the mistake before. It just failed and I’m not udated yet.

And now I come back to my further question:
“Until now I am only used to Odin and TWRP for installing lineageOS.
So please, give me some explanations or links going further with ADB or Heimdall going further (now added). My platform is Linux / Ubuntu.”

do note that the latest update is always shown as an option to “update” to

if you try installing the latest update via the Updater while already running it you will get that “Update failed” notification afterwards, because it saw no change, which is expected if you already had it installed.

Right, the actual update (06.05.23) is fine now. Irritating, that this update still offers the “Installing”. In LineageOS you can erase the file. So I didn’t realize this behavour early enough.

Please, give me links of explanations “Heimdall” & ADB, Plattform Linux. Because you told me, TWRP doesn’t work anymore.

Thank you very much.

TWRP is not supported, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work. But the Divest Recovery is recommended.
Please search the internet to learn to work with Heimdall.
The command for flashing the recovery is:
heimdall flash --RECOVERY <name-of-recovery.img>
Please be careful!

Thanks for the answer !!!

“TWRP is not supported, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work”.

In case it works with TWRP, is DivestOS still safe and secure and an unchanged ROM?

On [ROM] DivestOS 20.0 for mata | XDA Forums it means:

"DivestOS does not support the following:

  • Google Apps (OpenGAPPS)
  • DRM (Widevine)
  • alternative recoveries (TWRP)
  • root (Magisk)
  • runtime modification frameworks (Xposed or theme engines)"

OR: " It is not recommended to use TWRP with DivestOS, …"

So there must be a reason, why not ???

Thank you

TWRP is NOT supported: Faq - DivestOS Mobile

  • TWRP may work on select older devices
  • TWRP is actually recommended on a very small selection of devices on Motorola msm8916 series or apollo/thor due to limitations
  • TWRP will not work on file-based encryption devices due to the stronger encryption changes
  • TWRP prompts the user to install MALWARE: https://twrp.me/app/privacypolicy.pdf
    • Location information (e. g. longitude / latitude)
    • Usage information (e. g. transferred amount of data, call logs)
    • App usage (e. g. of all installed apps, their usage time, duration, volume and location)
  • TWRP is often based on outdated and insecure kernel/device trees


I’ve successfully installed the latest DOS build on an LG G6 (H870). Everything except the camera seems to work. Even encryption works well. The camera not working seems to be an upstream problem, probably fixed in the next release or two.

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Kuketz did a writeup of DivestOS as part of their Android OS series:

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Xiaomi Mi A2 ‘jasmine_sprout’



I was able to lock the bootloader again on my Mi A2 with DOS 18.1 like I did back in the CalxyOS days.

Mi A2 re-locked bootloader

Xiaomi Mi A2 + DOS 18.1 20230510

Relockable: Tested Working

@fossys I think it is still permissive, I can maybe set it enforcing.

Verified boot is permissive: https://github.com/Divested-Mobile/DivestOS-Build/blob/master/Scripts/Common/Enable_Verity.sh#L39

DivestOS is always SELinux enforcing.

Xiaomi Poco F1 (beryllium)

default Lineageos ‘aperture’ vers. 13 Camera-App

After opening, the entire system is blocked, shortly after which the system crashes and reboots.

The identical process is repeated with the GrapheneOS camera apps ‘Secure Camera’ vers. 62 and ‘Simple Camera’ vers. 5.6.3 from SimpleMobileTools.

@SkewedZeppelin After the latest update, the camera seems to finally work on the LG G6 (H870). I haven’t done any more rigorous tests, but seems like it’s daily-driver capable.


Xiaomi Mi A2 ‘jasmine_sprout’ WITH relocked bootloader

Successful unproblematic OTA-Update: divested-18.1-20230609-dos-jasmine_sprout


jasmine_sprout:/ $ getenforce

Google Pixel 4a 5G (bramble)


Starting point:
freshly installed Google Pixel 13.0.0 firmware (TQ3A.230605.011, June 2023)


After DOS 20.0 installation:

a) google-pixel-4a5G (bramble) with divested-20.0-20230505-dos-bramble boots and can be set up.
b) $ fastboot flash avb_custom_key avb_pkmd-bramble.bin
c) fastboot Mode: Divice State: locked

d) :warning: Cant’t find valid operating system - The device will not start

e) $ fastboot flashing unlock
f) Fastboot Mode: Device State: unlocked
g) START > DOS 20.0 starts with unlocked bootlaoder

Summary: Relockable: NO, doesn’t work with my device.

June 2023

Having the system a month older than the firmware installed may actually cause issue.
Please test in a few days after I release 20.0 RC#2.

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Google Pixel 4a 5G (bramble)

Fastboot Mode: Device State: unlocked
Successful unproblematic OTA-Update: divested-20.0-20230505-dos-bramble TO ivested-20.0-20230614-dos-bramble

$ fastboot flash avb_custom_key avb_pkmd-bramble.bin
$ fastboot flashing lock

Fastboot Mode: Device State: locked


bramble:/ $ getenforce

Relockable: YES, my Google Pixel 4a 5G (bramble) with DOS 20.0 works with relocked bootloader.


Nexus 5x (bullhead)
Hello everybody,
it is my 1. Post in this Forum, and my english is not so good…
I love this DivestOS because it give me the possibility to have an actual and stable Release on my old 5x.
But I have Problems to get the actual Version to start. (divested-15.1-20230618-dos-bullhead) flashing recovery and adb sideload the Image works as well, but when i try to start it stucks on the Google Logo. Where can I find the Version before, unfortunaly I deleted it and don’t know where to get it.
Thanks for your time, greetings

I test on bullhead before release, latest update works without issue for me, try flashing again.

The last version is here but I strongly recommend trying the latest again:

note old downloads may take a few tries, they are only on one of the two servers.