Discourse app for F-droid repo?

Any FOSS apps for using Discourse-based forums (including, but not limited to F-droid)?
I’ve heard about this one, but it’s outdated and no longer works. Is there any FOSS app that can be included into f-droid repo?

PS. Does the “official” app from Google Play qualify? Seeing as Discourse in itself is an open platform I hope so, but I didn’t see its source code yet. Also, unfortunately it doesn’t support And 4.0-4.2 systems (not to say earlier ones), and many platforms still use these.

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I’ve been looking for a mantained version of that app (and similar), but didn’t find any.

I loooked for in its GitHub, but I got the same result.

I would be interested in this also.

I would be happy with a wrapper of the mobile site that would just keep me logged in and allow to switch among different forums.

What about this repository? It’s an official repository in the Discourse Github organization and has recently been updated. It uses React Native.

Uses Firebase, Google Play Services and Crashlytics, which would need to be removed. I wonder how useful the app still is without some of these dependencies.

Also has a hard dependency on Chrome. :frowning:
I’ll pass.

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There already exists an issue in the requests for packaging issue tracker but it seems like nobody started working on it yet. I think it’s a good idea to open an issue at upstream’s issue tracker to ask what they think about an inclusion into F-Droid.org’s repo and then try to build the app with F-Droid following this guide.

Since they provide an apk, I downloaded it to check and when trying to connect to websites I get a warning as @davux pointed out: Discourse requires that Google Chrome Stable is installed. So even if the other dependencies @wvengen mentioned are removed, this would still be a showstopper.

Am not a coder, but am I right to understand that there will need to be some kind of fork using something else other than Chrome (maybe android webview?) for such a request to make sense? Unless they are willing to do this themselves just to be included in fdroid, which would positively surprise me.

Yes, you’re right. It would require an amount of time to eras the Chrome dependency of the source code and try to replace with an Open Source solution (such AOSP webview or something).

Raised the issue about Chrome dep.

They don’t haste to answer :frowning:

As far as I can remember, they were hesitating to create a mobile app in the first place because of the time required to maintain it, so I think the request to change the Chrome requirement won’t be met with open arms if it means to spend extra time for them, I’m afraid.

Why do you want to port this to Android?
It’s just a forum, any browser can display it, right?

It seems the app is good for notifications, and if you’re a member in several forums, it groups them together in a panel.

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ok thanks, like the panel under our avatar.