Dilemma between 1. Duck duck go tracking protection vs 2.Net guard vs 3.Tracker control(TC)

As the title suggests the above 3 services use Vpn connection to work. currently using duck duck go, is there any chance to use 3 at a time or atleast duck and net guard simultaneously.
Thanks in advance :innocent::innocent:

Netguard can load a big list of hosts and “protect” all apps. Not to mentions per app settings (deny INTERNET access), route through Tor via SOCKS, switch DNS servers etc.

Not sure what’s DDG’s value proposition beyond “easy for normies”. You’re not one. :slight_smile:

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I know DDG’s tracking is not open source compared to others but is that secure enough, i mean it blocks all the inbuilt trackers

What do you mean it’s not open source?

How do you know it blocks ALL the trackers?

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Use tc app it is good and forks of netguard.
All apps are opensource netguard for sure and it’s forks also with gpl
And duck duckgo also see there repo

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NetGuard with my blocklist: Dnsbl - Divested Computing

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Hey i use Developer Dan's Hosts
Should i add this also.

That list is already included in my list.

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I use TC since I see no one speaking for it. He he

Yes it is really a good project but need more knowledge about what to block what not to.

Of the 3, Netguard with a host file like https://divested.dev/hosts as suggested above.

While the wildcard lists are preferred because they are smaller and more effective, I don’t think NetGuard actually has wildcard support.
So instead for NetGuard use https://divested.dev/hosts

Your right I believe, I just copied from my phone in a rush.
I’m gonna edit that post.

DuckDuckGo is known for engaging heavily in politics by creating list in a malicious way so I would avoid them if you have better options.

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