Difference between gpl v3 and apache2.0 and mpl

I want to know the difference between gpl and apache and mpl in short
And which is the best for most secure and safe app licence gpl or apache 2.0

Safe and secure in what regard?
Protecting your freedoms?

No actually if i encounter 2apps and both are open source but licensed differently i don’t understand about those licenseing so which licensed app should i use gpl or apache or mpl

I’d use the one that best meets your needs.

In brief, a very very simple answer to your question is this:

GPL 3 means the work is open source and has to stay that way even after being modified.

Apache 2.0 means the work is open source but doesn’t have to stay that way after being modified. E.g., the original work stays open source, but your mods don’t have to be.

You can read about licensing here:

This doesn’t apply to ex. server software.
AGPL is the way.

It applies the same.

If I make a GPL program and it is accessible over the network and you as a user use it, you can ask for the source code all you want and I don’t have to provide it.
But if I give that same program to someone else to provide over the network, I must give them the source code too if they ask for it.

The difference of AGPL is the first case:
If I make a AGPL program and it is accessible over the network and you as a user use it, I must give the user the source code if they ask for it.

This is what I meant.
It reminds me of how good TrinityCore would be today if it had been AGPL from the start.
Even if they close servers they don’t release the code, some seem to sell it afterwards.
People are rewriting the “same code” over and over again…

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