Developers & maintainers for translation app

Hello, I’m the developer of “analytical translator”, the app will not work since it relies on PHP to submit and receive translations and I’m already changing to another server.

The app has not been updated for a long time and I don’t plan to do any updates in the future. There are many things that need to be built from zero and I’m currently busy with other projects, so if there is anyone interested in the app who would like to maintain it and / or provide a server for the PHP part, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Analytical translator is a translator based on model analysis which fits sentences into syntax models to access its syntax database and find out the correct syntax of a sentence. It is then able to provide a translation to the target language with the correct syntax and analyze as well as report grammar errors on the process (I do my best to summarize what the app does but if you have any question feel free to ask). The project is divided into the server part (PHP) and frontends for Android and browsers (java & javascript).

If you are interested in it and want to support the project, please contact me and I will provide the source code. More info here:


Sounds interesting to me. What are the details of your analytical translator? I mean will it accept all the formats? What languages will it translate? Will it be only one language family? Cause I wonder if it’s about several language families, then interested in methods and ways how you are planning to do this.


Hello Moonkrj,

Thanks for the interest, I started the concept with just 2 languages: german and spanish. I created a vocabulary database and a collection of syntax models for both languages. It never worked perfectly but it was able to do amazing things like detecting and correcting gender and declination mistakes, showing the right sentence and explaining some grammar errors. I had a website with more details about how it works with pictures and a script to install the server part (the translation and correction is done from the php server part of the software). I’m changing host so once I have the new one I can post a link to the website I created explaining the project. It is an experimental concept and not a finished software. Here is a screenshot of the server installation wizard:

.I also have a html frontend so it can be tested right away.

Looks like a great idea. Hope you manage to implement all the changes planned. German and Spanish do have much in common (on Quora) do my English homework, but mostly, people believe they have lost their connection, when split into 2 separate families: both are Indo-European, but German is a Germanic language and Spanish is a Romance language. Where did you take the vocabulary from? Just wondering…

That’s why the syntax analysis, translation and correction is so interesting, because they are so different. I started the tool as a self learning tool while I’ve been learning German and Spanish is my mother tongue, that’s why I choosed the two languages. The vocabulary was taken from my own notes and a list I created of vocabulary from my classes and several books from which I’ve been learning and doing exercises.

Here there are two screenshots to show visually some of the milestones reached (The drawn at the right corner was created with latex and not with the translator).
Morphological analysis:

And this is a screenshot of a very simple sentece being corrected in android, although the sentence is very simple, the software is able to correct more complex sentences as long as the syntax models used are in the database. You can see that the error is not only corrected but also explained and the right sentence is shown below. It works “on rails” because it needs the syntax models to make the corrections, but still you can change any word on the sentence and as long as the vocabulary and syntax is in the database it will be corrected and the error explained. By the way I forgot to say that it also corrects other grammar errors like capitalized names, as you see the corrected sentence shows Mann with capitalized M, this is right because all German names are capitalized.

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