Dev questions about metadata and dev-signed builds

I recently released my app on f-droid, and I just had a few questions regarding the build process:

  • I decided to add my descriptions from the source repo, and following this guide, I used wikimedia style formatting. However, the rendered page treats it as plain text. The file has a txt extension like the example; is it supposed to be something else? Are we also required to add a ‘.’ at the end of the description like in the inline metadata description?
  • How are emails fetched from the source repo when not explicitly added in the meta data? I plan on using fastlane, but it doesn’t seem to have any fields for email.
  • For signing, f-droid mentions that only apk’s built by f-droid can be added in the official repo. If I supply the signatures and f-droid is able to verify the build, would that not be distributed to other users and be installable for those who already have a build signed by my key? I currently already distribute binaries through github releases, and ideally I’d like to have those users be able to update without reinstalling the app.

Known issue: / and see how to fix it here:

IIRC they aren’t, specify them in the main fdroid metadata

See here:
And an example:

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