Dev question: Is there a JSON Schema for F-Droid repository data "index-v1.json"?

Is there a JSON Schema for F-Droid repository data “index-v1.json” that is inside ?

I want to generate java code that can read the catalog

I tried to generate java from a short json example containing 2 apps and 2 packages.
The codegenerator generates one java class for every included app which is not what i want.

I found JSON Schema for F-Droid Data metadata files is now available but this info points to
Schema for an app description of an app and not to a schema of the catalog.

No, there is none.

Please note that it’s heavily being worked on Index-v2 at the moment, so writing code for parsing Index-v1 might not be very future proof.

Interesting use case I didn’t knew of yet. I’ll give the people working on Index-v2 a hint; maybe they’ll provide one when they’re done …

@FestplattenSchnitzel Thanks for answering my question.

In the mean time i have created this ticket so that the index-v2 team does not forget about this issue.

Since i have no permission to add tags the ticket: can you (or sombody else who hat the permission) add the tag [index-v2] to the ticket?

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