Deleting my forum account


I want to delete my account here, how can I do it? I cannot find the delete button or something in the Preferences section.

Thank you.

It’s at the very bottom of Preferences.

It is not. I don’t see any “Delete account” button or something similar.

should be on this page:

I know, I checked, there’s nothing there to delete my account.

I would expect the “delete account” button on the preferences-account page but i didn-t find it there (or anywhere else under settings)

@anon36515525 Because you participated in quite some topics, deleting your account would lead to incomplete history and therefore only admins are allowed to do so. Though, we respect your decision, and therefore I would like to ask if you’re ok with anonymizing your account? Your post will get a random account name.

If it’s the nearest solution for deleting my account, then yes, I’m okey with that.

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