Delete my account

Hello can you please delete/anonymise my account, thank you.

Done … :slight_smile:

OOC, is it anonymised or deleted fully? Also is there a way to request for data deletion?

As they wished, yes, anonymized.

Think account delete does that? @TheLastProject ?

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AFAIK it should do that yeah. But anonymization would generally be better if the user doesn’t mind because it at least keeps the posts and makes sure that context in forum threads stays as-is.


Thanks both for the quick response. Yes making it anonymous makes sense. :slight_smile:

Psh, in the early 2000’s i tried to explain to a forum admin he didnt need to actually delete my username but simply change it. He still said all the posts would be deleted.

I know that wasnt true as I use to admin the same phpbb forums myself for gaming reasons lol I miss people having to pay for hosting for websites and forums just to talk and organize… Taught responsibility!

/S. Kinda

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