DEC Secure scam or not?!

Anyone else ever heard of this company. Claims to be working with Bittium a Finland based company specializing in wireless technology. I just bought a Tough MOBILE 2C. I think it is either a scam or worse government sting like with endo an an0m. Anyone help?

Are they open source? If not, try to find this info somewhere else.

Do note that the safest services are those that you host yourself, on your own hardware that you control.

I agree 100% I believe everyone should be like that things could be. Your own bank your own security, your own network, as one that grew up right next to technology and was taught oh skip the terns and I read them fully once and boy oh boy are we all in for it.

‘your hardware’ implicitly means hardware purchased from the market.

Spyware, these days, are embedded in the hardware itself.

We would essentially be fooling ourselves if we think we can use technology and not be tracked.

Open source, VPN, TOR, etc. are synonyms to ‘false sense of security’.

Still better than giving up your privacy to Google or any other big tech as you say in other posts. You should probably help to audit open source projects to avoid bad practices, so maybe you’ll stop spreading FUD.

If it is something that is built into the hardware it needs to be activated in some way, it is not constantly active. The interests of the general public is to prevent mass surveillance, not targeted surveillance.

In a convenient way probably not. But there are always grades, it’s not black and white.
Your defeatist attitude is quite tiresome, it’s gotten to the point where I’m starting to wonder if you’re a shill for some big tech or something.

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