DAVx5 account creation

Context: I run my own CalDAV server in my own domain name.
Thus, in Android, the normal Google app to sync my agendae withour family’s accounts will not work as that accepts only Google calendars.
I downloaded DAVx5 and that works, but there are two steps:

(1) Login with URL and user name
which requires a base URL, user name and password; this is fine.
(2) give an account name, where the message is: “Use your email address as account name because Android will use the accont name as ORGANIZER field for events you create. You can’t have two accounts with the same name.”

Step 2 is very confusing: first, DAVx5 proposes an e-mail address in the account name field. I used what was proposed, although that address does not exist! But it worked.
Then I tried a second server account with which I also wish to synchronise, and then DAVx5 did NOT propose an account name in e-mail syntax, but just a name, and that worked too. Everything is fine, but the message “Use your email address as account name because…” is definitely wrong and confusing.

It should be “You must use an account name different from all other DAVx5 account names because…”

or something similar. I certainly do not want to give Google any info, therefore I was put off by the message and it took some time to realise that the account name does not have to be an e-mail address and it does not even have to follow e-mail address syntax, it can be any normal user name as long as it is different fro each account.

Please tell me if I am wrong.

Better ask here: Discussions · bitfireAT/davx5-ose · GitHub

If you don’t plan to send email invites, you can completely ignore that message.

If you do send email invites but have a different account name than the email address stored on the DAV server, the invites might go to the wrong email address or you might get shown twice with different addresses in the “attendees” section of an event.

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