Data manager / Monitor

Do you know an application which monitors the mobile data consumption?
The built-in Android feature is great but it’s reset after a clean flash.

I’m not aware of any such app on F-Droid. In general, you might wish to consult my list at Statistics for calls, messages, data.

This may help: AppsMonitor (monitoring apps usage on your device) -
On Izzy…

Thanks, I’ll have a look at your list.

@vdbhb59 Page not found…


That link was obviously shared from the F-Droid bug app. The share functionality there seems not to consider the repo of an app, and thus always thinks it comes from As noone opened an issue for that yet (I just did so now, see “bug” link), that still isn’t fixed. To help you out, here’s the correct link:

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True. I realized that just now. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

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