Crypto Wallet Recommendations

Does anyone recommend any F-Droid apps for a Crypto Wallet? Normally I use Coinbase on I-Phone, that obviously is not available on F-Droid. Thanks!


I think you should specify which cryptocoin

Hi culun,
me tested the “Unstoppable Wallet” from F-Droid with a very small amount of Cryptocurrency successfully. (
Besides Bitcoin it supports also the decentralized Cryptocurrencies Litecoin and BCH with low transaction fees to play around, and get used to it.
Little bit annoying is the standard view “Market” which lists top and flop coins, which are not even supported by this wallet. Also the “News” view is totally unimportant to me. I personally would wish it would be more streamlined, but at least it is a multi-coin wallet available on F-Droid.

Thanks! I will check it out!

Does anyone have a favorite crypto debit card? Thanks!

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