Croc new app help

There is a new app called croc that let you transfer files between compiter/phone. Can you tell me what to input in the settings tab for the relay?
Thank you.

There is a default relay so you can just leave it empty. You can also establish a relay with the cli on deskyop.

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When I try to send from my computer to phone I receive this error in my phone:

And from phone to computer I have this error in my terminal on computer:
Desktop ❯ croc julius-apropos-saddle at 17:32:03
securing channel…2021/03/24 17:32:23 room not ready is graphical android frontend to the comandline tool .

You may find help at the issutrackers at and

Update: i have tried the app and have the same issue. See

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Issue solved, in the setting tabs I had to input (screenshot)

It was not obvious to me I had to enter this information, I thought the default server info was already in the app and that the setting tabs was for people who wish to use their own server.

Now it is working perfectly well!

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