Creating repo on USB or SD card for selected apps

I’ve got a tablet that has no access to the internet.
How can i create a repo on an usb stick for selected apps and several android versions?
Thank you

The quickest way to try this is to download the Second Wind repo and unzip it on your USB stick:

If you’re comfortable with the terminal, then it should be easy. Starting on a laptop or desktop:

  • Install fdroidserver from your favorite package manager
  • Create local repo base, e.g. cd ~/Documents/fdroid && fdroid init
  • Edit ~/Documents/fdroid/config.yml and set the deploy location to point to your USB stick, e.g. serverwebroot: /media/user/USB-stick/my-repo
  • Put APK files into ~/Documents/fdroid/repo
  • To include APKs in the repo, run fdroid update --create-metadata in ~/Documents/fdroid.
  • To push the whole repo to the USB stick, run fdroid deploy in ~/Documents/fdroid.

Then put your USB stick in the device, and look for it on the Nearby tab in F-Droid.


I forgot to add, there is also the fdroid mirror command, which makes a local mirror of any repo you have a working URL for. You can run that directly on the USB stick:

$ cd /media/user/USB-stick
$ fdroid mirror