Crashes & Glitches

Is there any interest in making it possible for users of F Droid and their apps, to PRACTICALLY & SIMPLY be able report/submit app crashes & errors, e.g. via a quick email?
If not, why is there a great question or gripe about why people would rather choose the google store, or apple, platform where users can report their issues?
Even if it wont immediately fix their problem, but at least the user can become part of a large pool of mass user app crash & error problems with their submitions (which could lead to ultimately someone being able to act on said problems)?

For each app you have Links and Issues, please use that to report to that app developers.


In F-Droid, it is the responsibility of application developer to create report channels, some apps (like NewPipe) have an automated crash report form, the user just has to press button “send report via e-mail” to form a letter. Some applications have e-mail information inside themselves, and some have e-mail listed on their F-Droid page/website.


This is what I was kind of thinking, I am used to seeing it on Newipe; the thing is when i would glick to send it, it would fault out because i had no email account on my home screen. Now that I have a new Android with my Protonmail app on its home screen, I’ll see if it works.
Although I am using GrayJayApp more now, so :confused:

As for other apps, couldn’t there be some kind of incentive made to app developers to create that kind of “channel” if they want to develop an app with F-Droid?

they have their channels, another one is more of a burden for both upstream and F-Droid, imho


Can we play a quick game of pretend?

lets pretend that People wake up to the “closed source” software world that is made up of Microsoft, Apple, google, etc. and say they realize that FOSS, and in this case: F-Droid, is the obvious answer to regaining control of a users data and software product control. So the masses start to use F-Droid en mass.
How F-Droid see the common, everyday person, able to report these very frequent glitches & crashes, when these “channels” are not part of the App function itself (e.g. like it is with Newpipe)?
Is it also

for the F-Droid App user?

Do you see this Forum? Do you see Gitlab? Can you join this Forum? Can you join Gitlab? Oh nvm

Anyway, I mean that we still have these venues for feedback and such, EVEN if we guide users to report directly to upstream.

Now you come HERE to tell “but F-Droid needs to setup YET ANOTHER system to…”, really? C’mon…

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Sure, but just like in my pretend scenario, this situation will never be sustainable for mass amount of layman users. Mass amount of layman users (at least here in the States) are slaves to the apple platform for one big main reason:
easy user interface convenience.
I am not saying FOSS (and F-Droid) need to be convenient, what I am saying is that if apps made on F-Droid+ do not have a near immediate way for users to report crashes or glitches the way e.g. Newpipe does, then users wont even bother to TRY this out in the first place.

I am just trying to ask about methods that may make F-Droid more appealing to the everyday Android user (that isn’t some Android OS guru, like most folks here are) and maybe even potentially to the everyday apple user.

Everyone is well aware by now the about the every day, broad day light, blatant abuse of power they are being subjected to with their phone & electronic devices, but the way most people see it is: " what other choice do I have? "
since everything else out there/here, i.e. F-Droid+, is either lacking in some of these detail things (i.e. crash report app?) or out right ignoring to do something more rigid about these small detail things.
Again, I made this post to just ask the questions; which you seem to be the only one with concern to answer, which indirectly also kind of answers another question I had about what everyone else here in the F-Droid world thinks about my questions: NOFAL

Go ahead an quote where I said/typed that.

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That’s literally the TL;DR of this topic

Please help them install, get feedback from them, add it here, first… then will see about the next steps.

the reports pressure is distributed to more people… instead of all trying to report in one place

Right, let’s not centralize anything in F-Droid then

Go ask every app dev to implement such a system in their own apps, please, eg. F-Droid Client(s) already have this

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No it’s not. No where was the demand made. You are putting words into my mouth which is pretty petty.

You literally cut off the rest of that sentence, which takes my comment out of context.
I am not a developer, I don’t intend to be one, I read here pretty often from developers about suggestions & ideas for apps, so that is why this post was made.
This post wasn’t to Sh** on developers or F-Droid, but when you read into my comments AND taking them out of context to get some emotional gain out of it, then you get an errored interpretation.

Okay, this is what I was trying to see if this idea was at risk of, for some FACTUAL reason or another.

Which I don’t see it would be though, for some reasons that I wont go over here & now since it sounds like you/no one wants to hear it to begin with.

I would ask another question about this, but I think at this point, it would just lead to more circles, and should probably just end this here.

Hopefully a new user in the future got some ehlpful data out of this .

Back in time, when G-Droid was a working F-Droid client, there was an ability to leave comments/reviews via Mastodon. Given that Mastodon is federated social network, that was a very good solution to avoid centralization. I can agree that more straight-forward feedback system could improve user experience, as well as give more information for developers. Because, let’s be honest, even Google Play Store and its alternatives lack a proper experience related to application problems and suggestions. Users very often see review system as bug tracker, while it isn’t. It leads to unfair decrease of the application’s rating, not to mention that the developer may be overwhelmed with the amount of repetitive comments and lack of detail. If F-Droid could implement fresh approach to this problem, that would change a lot for FOSS enthusiasts, be it users or maintainers.

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