Could you release a more privacy friendly "F-Droid" app?

I wonder if you can release a more privacy friendly “F-Droid” app, that is similar to the “F-Droid version 1.7.1” but with less permissions. You might call it “F-Droid with Extra Privacy” (for example).

The permissions I want it to be without, that I belive are unnessecary for it to function as a good store app is:

  • change network connectivity.
    Why? People can change that manually.

  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi.
    Why? Same answer, as above.

  • pair with Bluetooth devices.
    I don’t think connecting with bluetooth is nessecary.

  • access Bluetooth settings.
    Why? Same answer as above.

  • modify system settings.
    Why i don’t want any app to handle my system settings. I want to handle them myself.

  • control Near Field Communication.
    Why? NFC is not needed and activating NFC creates a possibility of wireless data-theft. So this permission is probably the most stupid of all.

Please consider creating a such lighter version of F-Droid Store with less permissions. It would be appriciated. :+1:

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