Could you get someone to update the only secure & encrypted sms-app called: "Silence"?

The app “Silence” is the only encrypted sms-app in F-Droid. Said to have same encryption like “Signal”, for sms, but without need for signing up.
The app seems to be working and I’ve not noticed any bug yet. But, the latest version is said to be unstable & the app has not been updated since 2018 (Latest Version: 0.16.9-unstable (208) - Added on 2018-03-26).
I wonder if you could get someone to improve the app and try to make it 100% stable and bug-free?
I would also like that you delete the app permission “read phone status & identity”, if it’s possible? Or just modify the permission to block the app from being able to read the “device ID’s” even if it is nessecary that the app can read the phone number.

Could you check if there is someone/or a group with expertise in apps that could work on this project? Because a free encrypted sms-app that is stable is very important to the privacy of people.
The app is open-source witch means that others than the creators are able to modify and improve “Silence” to get 100% secure & stable.


Wait up:

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