Could someone get "Kiwix Team" apps to F-Droid?

A app called Kiwix, created by “Kiwix Team” is available in F-Droid and I wonder if someone could get two other apps by “Kiwix Team”, that I think are FOSS too, to the F-Droid repo??
The names of the apps are “Wikivoyage” and “Chemistry & Physics simulations”.



Where is the source of these apps exactly?

Honestly I don’t know but I guess you could get it from the same place that you got the source-code for “Kiwix” at. Because they are from the FOSS creators of “Kiwix”, that is available on F-Droid. But I don’t know who it was, in your team, who found the source code for “Kiwix”. Maybe you could ask them??

No I can’t…

Which one is it exactly: ?


App requests happen via

We already have THAT app…your links are for OTHER apps.

sorry. I thought that you wanted to get in connection with thoose who fixed Kiwix (the app that we already have in F-Droid). that’s why I wrote that link. I’m not sure if there is a page for the other apps because they might be only on Google Play Store evan tho they are free and probably open source (just that the soure needs to be posted somewhere).

Unfortunately, they don’t indicate anywhere that those apps you mention are open source. They don’t point to any source code in their webpage neither.

An app can’t be open source by magic, without code being somewhere. Sorry, :man_shrugging:

You want those apps? That’s why there’s a “developer agrees with the inclusion” checkbox…contact them and ask about the source code and if it’s open source, if they’re okay with a possible F-Droid inclusion.

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Remember that you don’t need two separate apps for that.
F-Droid distributes Kiwix reader, and from the app you can download ZIM files.
These packages include Wikivoyage in very different versions, also Wikipedia Chemistry & Phisics by Wikipedia. You’ll find (English) directly on the Kiwix repository website.

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