Could someone ad an app for learning hebrew in speech and writing?

Could someone ad an app for learning hebrew in speech and writing? Or if there is none: Could someone request that a such app can be created?

Request? To whom do you want the request addressed? The mighty elders of the internet?

No I thought that there might be some forum for opensource creators with programming skills (I now nothing about programming), maybe somone could open a thread at sourceforage or github or something like that?

You want someone to do it for you? It’s either you or nobody.

Just as a side note, this is not how open-source works. If you see the necessity for an open-sourced Hebrew language app and there is none, then it is either you who starts coding or you use other software that is already available (e.g. Websites/closed-source apps). You can’t expect that someone voluntarily spends dozens or hundreds of hours just to code an app for you.

Regarding your intentions learning Hebrew. Buy a book or go to your local library and rent one or more. If you need an app for vocab-drill, etc; I recommend Anki If you don’t want to create the decks yourself here are some for Hebrew you can add to anki.

okay, sorry for requesting this. I try using some closed code app instead, and maybe I test if Anki is useful for learning Hebrew to.

I think here’s the correct thread for this: What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?

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@tip F-Droid is mostly a volunteer effort, so there isn’t really people who work on requests like this, unfortunately. It doesn’t hurt to ask though. If you find a free software app that you think should be added, you can file a request here

What’s with the sarcasm? I’ve discovered that if I don’t know the answer to a question that it is wise to sit back and let perhaps a smarter person have a stab at it. Thankfully the question was answered in due time.

Thanks for the answer.