CoronaVirus Tracking app

Corona Track is an android application which keeps users updated about the latest data of Coronavirus across the world and in their society at the same time. It captures data from multiple aggregators and gives latest statistics of every countries across the world.

Also indepth Indian data Including that at National, State and Even district level is updated live!
Most importantly it has the ability to check whether the user is within a containment zone and the current zone status of the user’s district(Red/Green /Orange etc). It also lets a user know the list of current containment zones in all major cities across the country.

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Cool story bro’…now what? Links to the open source code? Something?


Not for Indian but for the German tracking app the source could be find here.

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Android Opensource?

As of 25-05-2020 the github repository only has non-android- serverside opensource code.

The spec what a client app has to implement states that the code that communicates between the devices through bluetooth
will be implemented in the Google-Playservices

  > For Android, the features will be integrated into the Google Play Services.

Google calls this play service extension: Android-Exposure-Notification-API-

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OpenTrace has a GPLv3 Android Tracing app: It was initally developed by the Singaporean Government and Australia uses the same protocoll (BlueTrace).

Depends on Google Services so not really free open-source.