Corona App on F-Droid?

The Swiss Government has announced to use an open-source Corona app with decentralized data storage as part of their strategy to contain the Corona virus. The app is planned to be ready on May 11th. Others may follow (or may already have made the same announcement).

Is it conceivable to provide such an app in the F-Droid repository so that users have an alternative to Google Play in order to get the app?

The Demo-App is available in source on Github, so it could be possible to get it on F-Droid.
I was going to investigate how difficult it is to get it included, I don’t have any experience with that yet, but I managed to build a working app in Android Studio :sweat_smile:

The apps also works on a Phone with pure LineageOS without Google Play Services, which makes me hopeful that it works without many external libraries.

Let’s see how far I get…

It seems, that it is already on someones radar
With the consent of the original developer it might be on f-droid soon :raised_hands:


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