Convert a file to PDF file

Hey, I’m Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I wanted to know is there any application or website which can convert PNG to PDF file?

In Android: Share to Printer, select Print as PDF, done :wink:

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Ohh okay, thank you so much Licaon.

Hello folks Myself Emmanuel Katto Uganda, Is there an app to convert JPEG file to PDF file?

I would be really happy if fdroid has one.

Thank You!


Same answer… Share to - Printer - Select PDF

Hello people, I’m Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I wanted to convert a word file into a PDF file. Can anyone help me in converting a file??

Get Collabora Office ( Collabora Office on mobiles supporting password protected documents and available on F-Droid - Collabora Office and Collabora Online ) and Print or Export as PDF :wink:

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