Conv6ations app does not start

since a couple o week Conv6ations crashes very often (not every time) just after the click (launch) with the message

Conv6ations has been closed

and the option open the app again
After you click on this option you’ll get a new dialogue message:

Conv6ations will be closed again

Now there are two options
a) open the app again
b) close the app;
If you choose a) you’ll get the same (second) message again;
If you choose b) the app will be closed.

I tried twice to de-install and install the app again. But it seems, it does not bring any improvement.

There are anyone else, that had the same experience?
Has anyone a idea, how to let run Conv6ations?

You probably should report this to the developer.

What does adb logcat say?

JohnFai, thanks for your interest!

I guess, adb logcat could be a kind of logbook …
How do you start it?
With a command, maybe in Termux?

When I type adb in Termux, I’ll get “No command adb found”
Is adb a command packet?
Could it be, I have it not installed on my android smartphone?

Yes it is, adb stands for Android Debugging Bridge which shows everything your phone does with the logcat. Of course, it can do much more like fastboot, install and uninstall apps…

Go to Settings -> About Phone -> tap on Build number 7 times to enable developer settings (it depends on your system to enable developer settings).

Then go to Developer Options and turn on adb.

Connect your phone to your computer and install adb from here:
Then type in

adb logcat

in your terminal(your computer)

Wait for some time until it loads all of the logs before then when it slows down, open your app, when it stops press


and the logcat stops. You can read the error your own or paste it here if you cannot find it.

Hope this helps.

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