Controlling installing on device

Good day

I would like to ask whether we can control the repo access by device serial number or name with using only fdroid server side?

1.0.3alphas have a way to send UUIDs and such, you could ask your users to enable that and then filter.

If you only want certain users to be able to access your repository and the apps within, then you can enable HTTP Basic Auth on the server. The client will then prompt for a username and password when adding the repository. That username/password will be used to update and download apps. Make sure to use HTTPS though, as the password will be sent in plain text with each request (Due to how basic auth works).

Thanks for the feedback. The current requirement is not to have users inserting any password on the android app side. But would require the the android app side to know which app to show based on the configuration on the server side.

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