Contribution to building apps

Hey, I though about trying and contributing to build recipes.

Is there any standard way of contributing such recipes?
Is writing Docker builders has a certain standard?
Is there a list of all the apps with failing checks and maybe the build log?

Thank you so much!

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Plenty of apps that need verified recipes:

The buildserver is not Docker, but you can use it locally to test your recipes.

It’s complicated, there was one list at one point, now you can read: and look at failed builds from the last server cycle

What do you even mean?

I think this process needs improvement in terms of contributors onboarding because currently if I want to play around I may need to set up some things and know where to look, I think a more streamlined process will bring more testers and builders to the community.

It’s app development, you need to know a lot of stuff (Linux, Android) before you are able to participate. There are docs and we offer feedback as much as we can, but there’s no magic involved.

It depends, I think that a good DevOps can handle CI missions, it does not require strong Android development skills.

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