Consultation on simple gallery pro

No need to mess with IDs… I’ll try a build asap

@ForgottenUmbrella seems your commit reaches fdroid build, connected to SimpleGallery and missing in both AOSP & F-Droid, there is this rfp for a foss PhotoEditor (with graphical Notes possible feature) :

I tried to help but original dev may still need some assist from fdroid community ?

Better fork it then, as their answers come on a monthly basis if any. :frowning:

Since their goal is to provide a plug-in foss library SDK for all, they may deserve some kind of assist/help from foss communities (instead of divergent fork) ?

There are many on Reddit searching for this missing feature on Android.

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@oF2pks I’m a bit confused as to what you’re asking here. Are you suggesting that I could help replace the proprietary PhotoEditor SDK with this open source SDK (which happens to be named similarly but probably doesn’t provide the same API) or at least get it onto F-Droid?

At least get it on F-Droid, it’s the same experience, right? Press the edit button…(open app or internal function it does not matter_

No, SimpleGallery (like any Gallery app) uses a share action to every app able to edit photos, when pencil button is triggered.

I slightly modified this new rfp app to comply with that share intent <edit> and uploaded a debug flavor for testing : , which works fine with SimpleGalleryPro (and thus can bypass minimalist foss embedded useful crop).

Not only there are no such basic foss app, but on F-Droid it could also help both deaf or mute people to quickly express/communicate via this on-screen editing app with photos or graphical draws: the app support texting, brush and smileys (plus the simplified sticker database ?).

I thought you might be interested helping original devs, either to finalize the rfp ready, or app enhancement on github (?) , their repo is 2 parts : the app + the library/sdk

(I myself have many other apps on the go actually, and not very confident with photo/camera/draw processing …)

Thanks for the APK, works fine :slight_smile:

Now…hope someone (wink-wink-nudge-nudge) can make it a dream come true in a RFP :slight_smile:

Tried the apk, in my device (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Android Nougat AOSP) it runs well.
I don’t understand though why you say there is no photo editor in FLOSS world… My AOSP rom has an editor, which I believe to be stock android open source. Am I mistaken, does AOSP include non-free apps?

Thanks for it anyway :wink:

Lucky you…now…for the rest of us… :wink:

You’re not, but like aospMusic, aospGallery is not maintained anymore: mostly sdk adjustements for new android versions. Did you notice that buggy edit doesn’t triggers other apps, like SimpleGalleryPro embedded or this possible stand-alone photo editor ?:

In past Oreo, I remember some teams with such edit function: CarbonRom, halogenOS… ; nowadays Lineage, Omni and all others did gave up with edit possibility versus enhanced video/equalizer controls (that we don’t miss, thanks to stand-alone vlc).

Coincidentally, Google monopoly with GooglePhoto & GooglePlayMusic (+ android One) is breaking aosp components development: today, who is remembering Open Handset Alliance concept ?..

Give a try to Treble rom (xda…), conversely to custom roms, they don’t break OEM’s /boot & /vendor setup: only #adb flashboot.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I was asking only because if it could be useful, I would extract my tablet apk+sources and share it here. I understand people with other devices might need a FLOSS alternative to things such as a camera or a gallery :slight_smile:

Wait, so… It is a good idea to remove those AOSP apps and install ones from F-Droid that are still under development and maintenance?

Whatever rom you’re using, always give a try to:

  • SimpleGalleryPro (back, thx to @ForgottenUmbrella )
  • OpenCamera (complete resolutions & flash)

You can’t remove or extract aosp/system easily since they can provide embedded libs; only Magisk modules may work.

For specifics: vlc and ghostCommander are top standard; like these, the photoEditor mentioned above would also fill existing miss (only minimal brush in aosp/Gallery and none in other floss).

@relan any idea how to push commits to aosp anonymously ? (e.g. buggy aosp/Gallery3d share <edit> )

any idea how to push commits to aosp anonymously ? (e.g. buggy aosp/Gallery3d share < edit > )

No idea. I doubt that Google cares about anonymous contributions or contributions into the Gallery app specifically. I was trying to modernize its look several years ago (, but gave up because it’s not worth the effort.

I was wrong for aosp Gallery: I’ve uploaded new photoEditor app in rfp compatible with built-in Gallery(s)

btw, let’s say some good things about Google when they deserve it (like Treble…): their new android code search becomes more powerful every day

But I still believe that Playstore GooglePhotos & GooglePlayMusic MUST become foss for the good of AOSP.

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