Connect phone to pc over network

I want an OS app to allow my xperia L1 to connect with windows 7 over network. My tablet will do this on a ftps protocol but it is built in and i do not know which app allows it. I can download a pdf from my pc to myt tablet but not my phone

Syncthing is nice, did you try it?

searching is even better:

i did search they did not come up. one did i think and it said it has ads or something like that. I cannot check now as the phone is being bcked up

I did try it but i do not know how to connect to my pc. It is for phone to pc not cloud yes?
It defaults to the camera photo folder. I do not seehow to change. also i want to be able to pull files as i want not syncing all the time

When I want to use ftp for this, I use this one:

TeamViewer has a phone app (it’s in two parts).

TeamViewer is not opensource, so?

Syncthing is a pretty easy to use p2p syncing system based on the torrent protocol with apps for windows, linux, mac, android, etc. It doesn’t need any dedicated server.

Maybe this GUI introduction can help:

Here i found a 15min Video on setting up Syncthing with Android and a Desktop Linux:

(Don’t get confused by how syncthing gets installed and started on Linux by commandline. The webinterface on the desktop PC should be the same on Windows 7.)

I personally use Nextcloud, but for that you need a server in between.
If you feel comfortable with maintaining your own little server and hosting php applications, I recommend Nextcloud.

If it is only about transferring files, you can try a file manager like MiXplorer, which is very powerful. It is not open source, but free.

Hope ok I want the same thing I think is there anyway of resetting to factory settings via my mobile from mobile to laptop? I’ve locked myself out I’m stuck on login page on my laptop

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