Confused about installed client


I’m using Android 10 and Firefox, and am trying to install F-Droid client. I’ve enabled the persmissions to allow FF to install system software, but it still won’t install the .APK file from the main page.

I’m getting a feeling the FF doesn’t work for installing the F-Droid client? Is this correct? And if so, could somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I. Hope

Did you try to install it through a file manager? Firefox is causing me problems with downloads.

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No!! I don’t even understand what this even means. Could you please give me a suggestion for a file manager and how to use it properly for this purpose? Does it have anything to do with Firefox?

You should already have one, Files or something. Sometimes Android Settings Storage has a manage or explore option that should open such a file manager.

Once you’ll find your file manager, the apk should be in the Downloads folder.

OK, but how do I get Firefox to download the .apk file, where do I get it from, and what is it called?

Touch the big blue button?

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