Complete Arabic Translation-moved topic

Hello everyone,
I have downloaded and translated the complete en.arb into Arabic. The translation was on text attributes but I need to test the translation file on the app for quality check. Please find the file attached for your review and support.

PS: your app is awesome!!
PS: I posted/deleted this thread before in the wrong section :face_with_spiral_eyes: (5.9 KB)

Thank you

What did you translate exactly?

1- I went to this link: mhabit/assets/l10n/en.arb at main · FriesI23/mhabit · GitHub and downloaded the file
2- Translate the text from English to Arabic
3- Opened a thread and uploaded my translation and asked for support to test the file on the app :slight_smile:

ok, now it’s clearer, great, go to Pull requests · FriesI23/mhabit · GitHub and open a new pull request to add it

F-Droid builds apps, the per app code stuff, translations, etc is handled in the upstream source code repo.

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Many thanks, the suggestion was done