[Code Scan] What does android.os.Trace do?

I used Virustotal to scan some apps (from F-Droid) and a couple of them seem to use the service(?) below: (result not shown as malicious)

From my web serach, it might be tracing to keep record of device activity.
Android Developers said,

“Systrace (if they are the same) doesn’t collect detailed information about code execution within your app process.”

What does android.os.Trace do? (the four I listed above)
Is android.os.Trace the same as Systrace?
Would my privacy be compromised if android.os.Trace is being used by an app?

Which apps?

It is used for app profiling and debugging.

Would my privacy be compromised


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One is shelter. Forgort the other one
but seems to be fine so

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