Clarification for anti-feature NonFreeAddons


I am currently [preparing an addons store]Add support for official Addons Store · Issue #2468 · florisboard/florisboard · GitHub) for the keyboard app FlorisBoard. The addons store itself is a standalone website and only offers to download official and community extension files, which are them imported into the keyboard via a file opener handler. However the addons store will be officially promoted in the settings of the app, thus it still qualifies as part of the project. Now I am thinking if the NonFreeAddons anti-feature would apply to the app because of this?

The addons are both official and user-contributed, and while the official addons are under the same license as the project itself, I cannot guarantee where exactly the community-created come from or if the data they rely on are licensed under an open-source one. The addons itself are only json/xml/dictionary/other config files, so no scripts or whatever, but still they allow customizing the app and effecting the behavior.

The code for the addon store website is hosted on GitHub for both the frontend and the backend, if that matters.


Before NonFreeAddons you’ll have NonFreeNet for the connection :slight_smile: :slight_smile: