Chromium browser for Android?

Planning to get yet another browser for my device:
Chromium’s official website point to here when they mention Android.

But on our repository we have some options:
Auto Updater for Chromium and Chromium SWE Updater and also getChromium
Some of them seem to be a build from a fork from the original whose Chrome fork…
They also seem to provide updates from those builds (every app from F-Droid gets updated, so what’s the deal? There’s also Code Aurora…
I lost now :no_mouth:
Any thoughts?

Browsers get monstrous nowadays. I mean building some of them get long and
resource exhaustive. Chromium is one such example. It’s definitely possible
to build for F-Droid. But I wouldn’t expect it quite soon.
For the reference:

@easyKL Bromite is a very good Chromium based browser.
Chromium + adblocking + patches to reduce Google’s tracking (such as Inox browser).

It’s a pitty it is neither on f-droid.
I tried to install it manually without success.

He tried to include it into F-Droid. Read the XDA thread for more information.
Did you download the file depending on the architecture of your device?

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