Chromebook Opportunity

As more and more Chromebooks on Beta channel begin running Android apps a unique opportunity has emerged for F-droid. Eventually all Chromebooks will run Android, and the only legitimate app stores for both Chrome and Android will continue to be Google Play and F-droid. Is there a way to offer a filter or something so that apps that work on Chromebooks/Chrome OS are able to be searched for? As it is now, neither Google Play nor F-droid offer this option, and lots of apps don’t work or don’t work 100%, so it’s basically trial-and-error to see if your favorite apps work on Chrome OS.

When this transition is fully realized it’s going to literally be the biggest thing since Android.

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There is maybe another BIG opportunity, I hope it’s a new idea (lol), it’s to make FDROID available on Android emulators :rofl: There are several but there is a promising emulator: Anbox.

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Original article (FR):
(they speak about Chromebook too)

It will be great to join these infos (emulator(s) compliant and chromebook compliant).

In theory apps in F-Droid should only appear in the app list if they are “compatible” with the device (e.g. CPU architecture is correct, NFC, etc). This can be changed with the “Incompatible versions” preference.

If it is not working, then it is a bug and can be logged at

As a general comment, I think you are right that making it more clear and perhaps pushing the idea more strongly could be quite a good thing for F-Droid. Even if that is as simple as rewording some of the text on the website, and perhaps posting a more diverse screenshot on the home page (e.g. a phone, a tablet, and a chromebook - instead of just a phone). That would be a nice small first step to take.

F-Droid already works on Chromebook. The sad fact is that Google does not allow users to install apps from “Unknown Sources” on Chromebooks, its a scary precedent. In order to use Android apps that are not in Google Play, you have to switch the whole device into “Developer Mode”.

Check the way of emulators Hans (my post above).
A lot of people tries to use Google Store on emulator…