Chiaki - no new version anymore? - reason source moved?


Source moved to

Is this the reason why no new updates anymore?

Ping @Licaon_Kter

It seems the old repo no longer gets any updates so yeah, that would cause it. I’ll take care of this.

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So, let’s see if 2.1.0 builds:

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Okay so the build fails but it’s because the GitLab CI doesn’t support the necessary NDK but it will likely work fine when it gets merged :slight_smile:

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Not that anyone misunderstands this, I’m certainly not someone who is impatient or ungrateful, but how long can it take to change a repo?

Is 2 weeks not enough? :wink:

Also, I would like to mention that I am only a user, I can’t put myself in a developer’s point of view.

So why is no one working on the merge request from @TheLastProject ?

Is now merged:

Should take some time if the build server builds that and publish it.

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Chiaki 2.1.0

I can’t believe it, look what they did. They really did it. :wink: Your hard work has finally been realized. It just took them a little longer. I wish they would just work as fast as you did. :kissing_heart:


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