Chess Walk version 1.5.2

Hi everybody,

This is my first post on this forum, being a new user of F-Droid.
I am using Chess Walk. The app description is referring to version 1.5.2 while only version 1.5 is available for download/install. I would like to understand why and how to ask for a version update.

See the app description here:


I’m not inside fdroiddata but at least here is its metadata. Though I think it’s better to open an issue in fdroiddata’s issue tracker because I don’t know how often maintainers check here.

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Thanks. What is fdroiddata?

fdroiddata is the repository where all F-Droid “store data” is generated from. You can find more information here.

1.5.2 is archived because of a weak signature:

Signature algorithm: MD5withRSA (weak), 2048-bit key

But 1.5 had strong signature and thus it remains in the main repo:

Signature algorithm: SHA1withRSA, 2048-bit key

@NicoAlt, looks like algorithm downgrade (SHA-1 -> MD5) happened at some point in the past. Do you know why?

@relan Sorry, I have really few to do with fdroiddata and fdroidserver, but maybe @hans or @Ciaran know anything about it.