Checkupdates 'apksigner not found'

I am preparing Build Metadata to submit a new app, and everything runs fine except for checkupdates, which gives the following (see <>):

2022-01-26 10:34:52,707 WARNING: apksigner not found! Cannot sign or verify modern APKs
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

There appear to be no other issues, and the diff at the bottom just has an insertion of AutoName (which is meant to be automatic I think).

Is apksigner causing the problem, and if so, how do I get it to run on the server?

That’s a WARNING not an error

Add this missing bit and retry?

/LE: trying here works fine, but then again I have apksigner :slight_smile:

You can’t install it?

Turns out it was the missing AutoName line, thank you!

Builds fine:

Go ahead and open a MR :slight_smile:

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