Changing the package name

Hi, I’ve got a question about changing the package names of my app.

As I’m currently planning to release two variants of my icon pack. I want to change my default package name from: com.donnnno.arcticons to com.donno.arcticons.dark (the other variant is .light)

Is something like that possible to change?

The package name is how Android identifies an app. If you change the package name, Android will consider it to be a completely different app. Thus, F-Droid won’t be able to detect it as an update of the existing package.

It would be better to not change the existing package name, so updating will still work fine. If you want the light icons to be a different app, then using a new package name for that is a good idea though.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I’m gonna take a look how to do it the best way then without breaking things.

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