Changing the application icon

Hello. I make a local repository with the necessary programs. Some programs have a normal icon on the device. But the icon is not recognized in the repository.

Is it possible to somehow force the desired icon in the repository itself? It’s strange that you can upload screenshots, descriptions, etc. But there is no way to download the icon.

read RepoMaker does not upload files and watch out for the word icon :wink:

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As I understand it, there is a problem with the icon for those applications where the icon is in .webp (ic_launcher.webp) and not ic_launcher.png

There are some issues yes, I meant you can put icon.png in the proper place and you’ll have icons for the apps fixed.

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Can you elaborate on where to put the pictures? I have a repository from the docker container up. And /var/lib/repomaker/data has files in several folders

Look at the pictures in the linkedmissue °^^

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I took the Chrome app as an example.

I uploaded pictures to folders:

And the icon won’t show up. I deleted and downloaded the application for a new one - the picture did not appear :frowning:

In that article that you gave - there is an installation not from the docker. Maybe for docker you need something different :frowning:

Which is the directory where your *.apk files reside in? Assuming that’s /var/lib/repomaker/data/repos/repo/*.apk, try placing the icon as /var/lib/repomaker/data/repos/repo/

It’s ages ago that I’ve used repomaker so I’m not sure if it still works and my article from 3 years ago still matches, but that location works with my repo (where I use fdroidserver directly).

My article: Your own F-Droid Repository with Repomaker

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I have not yet looked in the application how it displays - but in the web interface - the icon does not display in any of the options :frowning:

Then I’m out of ideas (as said, I don’t use Repomaker myself). Except maybe the image itself is broken…

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It would be cool - if someone asked for Repomaker. So that he understood the icons in the new .webp format. And then there would be no problems at all.

Maybe someone knows - what is responsible for loading the application icon in Repomaker?

When you put it in the docker, it makes 3 containers. As I understand it, fdroidserver should be responsible for loading (which I do not find in these 3 containers)

But what is generally responsible for the icon? To already think about how to do it to support .webp (converting it to .png and displaying the icon in the repository)

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