Change language in f-droid-app

I’m running a local language at my phone. This makes sense for many of my apps, since they are developed for a local audience. But: For more specific apps (like f-droid), which are not local-dependant, I always run the app in English, because translations are often not correct enough to search for errors, solve miscellaneous tasks etc. But f-droid automatically choses my local language, and hence make is difficult for me to use (my terminology in respekt of development, geek-stuff etc. are simply English and not local).

How can I change language for the GUI in the app?

Thanks in advance.


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Since Android 8 it uses only device locale. The app locale support part was rather complex and buggy.

Ok. Thanks. Can I some how overwrite my local language file with an English for f-droid?

There’s no such config, no.

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