Change interface language on Kodi

Hi folks,

every once in a while I try to set up Kodi media player, but I already fail when I try to change the interface language to my native language, german. The only language, that’s shown in the settings, is english.

I searched the net for a solution, couldn’t find one. So, where do I get (the) other languages, that are available for Kodi? :thinking:

Thanks it advance, have a nice day!


I saw this old info. Maybe see if it is applicable.

Addons > look and feel > languages

Check the language pack you want is installed and enabled.

Similar is mentioned in this old forum thread…

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This article/tutorial mentions language addons also…

Two Simple Methods to Change Language in Kodi Leia

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Thanks a lot, @marcdw1289 . Found it, installed it. :+1:

I had to go this way: Home Screen > Add-ons > Download > Look and Feel > Languages > German.


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