"Certificate authority is not trusted" The certificate of the site is not trusted error code

Hello all,
i am installing the below apk file, however i keep running into a problem, and i am totally unsure how to rectifiy or bypass the error code.

FOSS Browser_v8.1.2_apkpure.com.apk

I have the ability to remotely log into these tv’s via team viewer to press the ‘OK’ button however its a nuisance and time consuming.

I am posting this to find out if anybody knows about this certificate authority error message.

I would really appreciate any help provided on this.


This message means the site your are trying to connect to does not present a valid TLS certificate. Or at least not one that seems to be valid for the device you are running FOSS Browser on.

Also maybe don’t get your APKs from APKPure :wink:

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This is horrifying.

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Maybe check the Android Settings Certificates for any malware?

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Is the time set correctly on your android device? if android thinks that today is 1.1.1980 and the certificate is valid from year 2020 to year 2030 then the certificate is "currently " not valid

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