http requests?


Does anyoen know why Fdroid is trying to connect to this page? I cant be sure because I also have Izzy and fakecake(Tinytinyrss) store added to my Fdroid. I am not technie enough to figure this out, web searches do not turn up anything for me

tjamls -> -> lower right side, what does it say?

@Izzy 's servers host more than a repo :wink:

As @Licaon_Kter correctly points out, is the host of multiple web sites (on different domains) including my F-Droid repo, so there for sure will be https requests to its IP address if you have my repo configured. But there should be no requests to that host name (neither to by this name), nor any using the insecure http (instead of https). No idea why this forum converts host names to http URLs (which is wrong in this case, as they shouldn’t be addressed this way).

On carmel, there’re my repos (F-Droid and Debian) as, there’s my business website, there’s my eBook server, and several more websites. All using https of course.

Oh, reverse lookup will return in all those cases as that’s the machine’s “real name” (as opposed to all the “virtual hosts” running on it).

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Reverse what? …

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