Can't upgrade/reinstall Bromite

Since yesterday I can’t upgrade Bromite on my LineageOS Asuz Zenfone phone. It downloads the update then nothing. I tried several times, nothing. So I ununstall Bromite and now I can’t re-install it, it downloads it, then nothing.
What’s wrong? Anybody with the same issue?
Thank you.

Which repo? What device? Android version? How much free space on internal storage?

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You can add this repo in F-Droid :
But, sometime, install don’t work at the first time. A error message and you must try again many time.
After several tries it’s OK.

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Thank you for your reply, it is fixed now.

Thank you, yes, it was the case, I don’t know why however… I could re-install after a few retries.

I’ve seen this happen a few times.
It is likely the Bromite repo web server stalling and timing out for some reason.
F-Droid itself doesn’t seem to have any issues with large apps from other repos.

Semi-related, I’ve seen it start a download for a large app on Wi-Fi, stall out, device switches to mobile data by leaving Wi-Fi range, download manages to resume and then wastes the users data.


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