Can't update Termux to 0.95 with F-Droid 1.9

I just updated F-Droid to 1.9. After that I updated several apps. All works fine but I can’t update Termux to 0.95. So I de-installed the old version and installed the new one with F-Droid. It worked. I can work with Termux again. Android 7.0 (Huawei P9 lite) also shows Termux 0.95 in the App-list. But according to F-Droid, Termux is not installed.

I determine this behaviour the first time. Do I have to worry? What’s the solution?

App details in F-Droid…click on Versions and 0.95 to expand the view. Post a screenshot.

I’m happy and sorry to tell that F-Droid now recognizes Tremux 0.95 as installed.

I didn’t changed anything. And I had restarted my mobile before I wrote my post. So I have no clue what happened.

Thanks for your willing to help!


Looks ok now, this picture would have been interesting before actually uninstalling.

Sorry. Next time I will do better.

I can only tell you from memory: after updated with F-Droid to 0.95 it said 0.92 installed, 0.95 recommended.

The only thought is that you might have had Termux from Play store, so yes it appears there but you can’t update it.

No, I don’t use Google if possible, I don’t have a Google Account.

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