Can't update from Linphone 3.3.2 to 4.0.1

I installed Linphone 3.3.2 from F-Droid, because it refused to install the latest version (marked “suggested” in the UI). When I tried to install as per normal, it downloaded, then just quit, with an error message saying “not installed”. Since I installed 3.3.2, the updates tab of F-Droid shows there is an update available for Linphone. But it won’t install. When I click ‘update’, I get the blue bar with “waiting to start download”, then after a few seconds it just quits with the “not installed” error message.

I have an ancient Oppo Android device running ColorOS 2.1, based of Android 4.4.4. I bought it because I thought it would be compatible with LineageOS, but I’ve been advised it’s the Chinese version, which isn’t supported. But incompatible apps are usually marked as such when I search, and I have “include incompatible versions” switched to “off”. So if 4.0.1 is incompatible, I would expect there would be no update notification, and 3.3.2 would be marked as “suggested”. If 4.0.1 is compatible, why won’t it install? I have 32GB of internal storage, and heaps of free space.

Version 4.1 (4124) - Added on 2019-05-15
This version requires Android 5.0 or newer.

Umm… touch the down arrow to see the requirements

Do you have “incompatible” enabled? F-Droid client 1.7.1?


Umm… touch the down arrow to see the requirements

I’m not sure which down arrow you’re referring to.

Do you have “incompatible” enabled?

This questions was answered in the OP, where I said

I have “include incompatible versions” switched to “off”

F-Droid client 1.7.1?


Since yesterday I managed to get it to upgrade Linphone to 4.0.1, by following the process of deactivating and reactivating the F-Droid repos, as described here:

Open Versions…each version has another arrow icon on the right…use that too.

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